Jonathan Horne

Well to do noble and tradesman


A rich business that the heroes saved from the building collapse underneath sanctuary. He was impaled through the midsection and required a bit of help to get to the surface. He invited the heroes to a play at Aldarean Theater, which revealed the true intentions of Mindartis to steal his wife away. Due to his gratitude, he has aided the heroes in several ways, and also shares many of their same sentiments. His wife, Verona, is a beautiful and the love interest of Mindartis. They share a beautiful relationship, as she helps him recover from his mortal wound.

He is a member of the Dias, as well as one of the prominent businessmen. He is called as a consultant for other businesses and has his own trade with the town of Respite. He has become a more vocal opponent of the actions of both the town guard and the Dias as they move towards paranoia and incompetence.

Jonathan Horne

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