Disillusioned thespian and incredibly talented illusionist


Megalomaniac thespian and talented illusionist. Worked his way to the best thesbian troupe in Sanctuary with his unique talents as an illusionist. Dangerous as well, his power for creating grand illusions is almost unmatched. The PC’s interrupted his ceremony that would have taken Verona away from Jonathan Horne, and for that he will resent them the rest of his life. He claims to live an underprivileged life as a victim, but in truth, he came to Sanctuary with a fortune which he squandered on bedding women. He wants Verona because she is the only woman he desired he could never bed.

After escaping from the heroes, they tracked him down to an abandoned building. He was in full form and used a clay automon to help fight the heroes. Unfortunately, it was not “indestructible” as Nix had told him, taking every last bit of his coin, and again betting that the heroes would win. Not trusting the local town guard to house this dangerous man, they brought him to Jonathan Horne, who keeps him prisoner in his cell made for eladrins.


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