Guild leader of the Hanging Noose Guild


Nix is the scheming leader of the Hanging Noose guild. Due to the nature of the Hanging Noose guild, he is also the only known member of the guild. He is a halfling with dark skin, well-groomed braided hair. He dresses somewhat flamboyantly, wearing rings, fine clothing, and tailored suits. He always carries around a golden coin that he flicks, plays with, and rolls in his fingers from knuckle to knuckle. Skilled thieves can tell from his movements that he certainly at one time was an excellent breaker (someone who picks locks).

Nix is probably the most cunning man of The Dias. Only the desperate and fools make deals with Nix, as they are known to carry a price heavier than their payment. Despite this, many people fall under Nix’s ruses, causing them many problems. Given the usually illegal nature of these, Nix typically secures ways to keep information from getting around.


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