The Masked Man

Mysterious man with geomancer abilities


Another mysterious character. The heroes encountered him while underground investigating the sinkholes. He escaped them once by collapsing a passage behind himself, though it had the appearance of a natural cave-in. Later, while trying to fend off myconids, the masked man came into the large open chamber—a chamber where gravity seemed to be ambiguous—and pulled down two buildings, killing civilians and exposing survivors to the myconids that came to infect their hosts.

The heroes correctly deduced that the masked man was responsible for the collapses in sanctuary, as there were several parts where the foundation wore thin with no signs of support, yet the buildings did not fall in.

Unknown to the heroes, the masked man made the open chamber his new home and evicted the myconids who seemed to understand him power. Upon removing his mask, he had symmetrical scars that showed precise cutting.

Of all their enemies, this one is surely the most powerful.

The Masked Man

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