Seeker of Darkness


Vayne carries two hand crossbows with a large cross on her back, wrapped in clothes. Though the cross appears heavy, nearly as tall as herself, she carries it with no sign of strain or discomfort. As of yet, no one has seen what it hiding underneath the wrapping.

This character arrived in Sanctuary not long ago. Her first encounter with the heroes was, at best, cryptic. She will talk about fighting, “the darkness” without much explanation. The heroes hoped for another ally in their struggle.

It wasn’t until later when they fought a creature coming out of one of the sinkholes that they encountered her again. She was covered in bruises, paleness and nearly unconscious. The heroes took her to the temple of Erathis where the high-priest saw to her care. “She is damaged in soul, and that is what will take time to heal,” he said. In a week she left, leaving only a note for Marcus and the others who visited her, saying, “Thank you. -Vayne”

As the heroes descend into the hollows, Marcus searches for Vayne, hoping to find another ally in the darkness that consumes Sanctuary.


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