Ironstaff Guild

The head mage guild of Sanctuary. It mostly consists of older self-serving mages who personify the stereotypes of mystical unchanging old men with pointy hats and white beards. Though agents of Sanctuary, they are notorious for going about their business slowly and lacking enthusiasm. Members of the Ironstaff guild are self-centered, representing a group of old men each pursuing their own interests. When the time comes for the guild to carry out city appointed duties, others liken it to boys playing the game of “nose goes”, where they bicker over who did it last time, since they have no set system of reimbursement for these duties.

Ironstaff guild is likely the least profitable member of the Dias. Given the individualism of each member, they do not have an overarching business plan or method to increase profits. Most continue on their previous success and use local resources (such as the arcane library) to carry out their individual interests.

They have been criticized as well for not furthering the craft. Those who wish to learn magic are suggested to go to Respite. The issue is that the only way to Respite is through the Ironstaff Guild’s teleportation circles, which are only available to those with enough coin, or by caravan. Since most can’t afford the trip to Respite by teleport, or don’t want to risk the danger of traveling with a caravan, they usually settle into some business role.

Hecarim is one of the few apprentices of the Ironstaff guild, but has begun working with Adron Sulfar. Adron recognized his hard work, cunning, and willingness to steal from the Ironstaff guild as a sign that they might get along. Currently, Hecarim’s master only notices Hecarim is gone when the minor duties are not taken care of.

Ironstaff Guild

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